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Pirates Cove Marine Provincial Park, DeCourcy Island

Aerial photo of Pirates Cove Marine Provincial Park, De Courcy Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Pirates Cove Marine Provincial Park on DeCourcy Island became one of my favourite destinations this past summer. I’m not sure why exactly, perhaps it’s just a great combination of beaches, sheltered anchorage and also an island where people actually live. Certainly watching new boaters come into Pirate’s Cove can be very entertaining and… somewhat expensive. […]


Captain Robin Walbridge on the HMS Bounty

HMS Bounty Capt. Robin Walbridge

The HMS Bounty sank off the coast of North Carolina due to high seas brought on by Hurricane Sandy at the end of October. With the unfortunate loss of a crew member, Claudene Christian and Captain Robin Walbridge, these incidents remind you how powerful the ocean’s forces can be. I was fortunate to spend some […]


Searching for Cemeteries


One of the interesting results of seriously working on keywording has been the ability to search through over 100,000 images quickly to find the photographs I’m looking for. The latest software that I’m using for my DAM (Data asset management software) is Expression Media 2 which so far I have been very impressed with. The […]


Full Moons in Canada

Lunar Eclipse, Gulf Islands, British Columbia

I was watching the full moon a few nights ago and started thinking about all the occasions where I have spent countless hours watching the full moon come up or go down. A few eclipses have been included in this quality time as well. On doing a keyword search I found over 500 images of […]


Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays from Kevin Oke Photography


Ladysmith Festival of Lights 2010

Fireworks, Ladysmith Festival of Lights 2010

I always try to make it to at least one of the local Christmas light up festivals on Vancouver Island. This year happened to be the Ladysmith Festival of Lights which is always spectacular with over 200,000 lights being turned on in the historic downtown core by Santa Clause. From a photography standpoint it must […]


Pacific Yachting – December Cover

Pacific Yachting - December 2010

Pacific Yachting, one of the more popular boating magazines here in the Pacific Northwest, used one of my photographs for their December cover. I think they did a great job of integrating the masthead and text with the image. Looks very inviting!


Kevin Oke Photography Stock

Kevin Oke Photography stock images

We are thrilled to announce that our new Kevin Oke Photography searchable stock photography site is running in full operation mode. As of today there are 11,000 photographs in the database with another 5,000 or so still to be catalogued. This has been a huge undertaking and the realistic date for the site to be […]


Living in Caves, Granada, Spain

Caveman Super Market

With our arrival planned for Granada, Spain in a weeks time I took it upon myself to find suitable accommodation. My usual method of finding accommodation is on the internet and once again a search turned up some interesting options, not your boring everyday gorgeous old Spanish hotel but caves! “Wow, they have caves for […]


Protests not exciting enough? Start a riot!

No messing around with these guys!

I mentioned a few posts back (Protests in France) having been in Paris during a few days of civil unrest. While millions of French protested the government, in Paris the crowds were surprisingly well behaved. This was not the case in later protests, especially in Lyon and Marseille with the outskirts of Paris have some […]