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If God meant for us to have fiberglass boats he would have planted fiberglass trees

If God wanted us to have fiberglass boats he would have planted fibergalss trees

I’ve spent the past few hours digging through the archives of a long neglected collection of photographs, the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival 2010. This festival happened almost 4 years ago, this years festival is next weekend. As a wooden boat owner I got a kick out of this sign.


Happy Holidays

Fireworks, Ladysmith Festival of Lights, Ladysmith, British Columbia

Cherie, Sima (Sheltie) and Kevin at Kevin Oke Photography would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!


Tide and Boar Gastropub – Moncton

Tasty salad, Tide & Boar Gastropub, Moncton

A great part of being on the road and doing photography is visiting interesting places. These include new anchorages, countries and towns as well as one of my favourites, good restaurants and pubs. While I normally don’t do restaurant reviews I thought I would give the Tide and Boar Gastropub at least a mention. While […]


Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2012

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2012

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2012 from Kevin Oke Photography To see more skies from around the world visit Skywatch Friday


Google fun – Let it snow

Google - Let it Snow

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Do you want to have fun this holiday season? Go to Google and search for Let it Snow. You get all the normal results like Frank Sinatra’s and Dean Martin’s music videos but Google has something in store. From the top of your browser snowflakes start […]


Best Photographs of 2011

Best party, My 4th annual 50th birthday

It’s that time of year again. The time when I pull out some of my “best” photographs from the previous year. As always, what’s “best” is hard to determine. I certainly have my favourites and certainly others have their favourites. Some images are more journalistic, others fun and others just because. No riots this year, no […]


Kevin Oke Photography blog – 6 years!

Web site July 2007

It appears that we celebrated 6 years of (proven) blogging in the past few weeks and while it doesn’t sound like much one has to remember that true blogging is a fairly recent phenomenon. In reality I think we are actually reaching 7 years or more which isn’t bad considering WordPress didn’t become a released blogging platform until […]


Fall colours on Vancouver Island

Fall path, Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island

Cooler nights bring the wonderful fall colours that highlight the Cowichan Valley. While I don’t think the display will be quite as impressive as two years ago it still seems to be heading in the right direction.


“If you build it, they will come”

Desert Hills Premium Outlets, Cabazon, California

Ray Kinsella’s movie, Field of Dreams will likely be known for decades for one quote “If you build it, they will come”. Unfortunately his vision is alive and well when it comes to shopping malls. It’s amazing what humans have been programmed to do during the past few decades. Cabazon, a small town in the […]


Searching for Cemeteries


One of the interesting results of seriously working on keywording has been the ability to search through over 100,000 images quickly to find the photographs I’m looking for. The latest software that I’m using for my DAM (Data asset management software) is Expression Media 2 which so far I have been very impressed with. The […]


Royal Wedding 1.15 gigapixel photograph

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day, BBC gigapixel photo

Another gigapixel image and we should have expected this one, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day. It’s a little whimpy by modern standards at only 1.15 gigapixels but is very impressive in that it involves thousands of people and doesn’t appear to have any overlap. Any guess on how many British […]


Extreme Perspectives, An Introduction to Mountain Photography by Alexandre Buisse

Indian Creek, Utah

Extreme Perspectives, An Introduction to Mountain Photography by Alexandre Buisse – Ebook Review I have always admired what many professional photographers will do to get the perfect image and Alexandre Buisse’s Extreme Perspectives, An Introduction to Mountain Photography gives us an inside glimpse into the world of a mountaineering photographer and the associated challenges. Most […]


Islands Folk Festival on Flickr

Islands Folk Festival thumbnails

After many years of wondering whether I should use Flickr like the rest of the world I finally decided to give it a try. I’m looking at Flickr as an experiment as apparently numerous “photo buyers” are beginning to look through the vast collection. It has become so important that the huge stock agency Getty […]


Tsonoqua, Mythological Wild Women Of The Woods (Thunderbird Above Tsonoqua)

Ned Matilpi 1990 - Tsonoqua, Mythological Wild Women Of The Woods

Time for a few of my favourite totem poles. This one was carved by Ned Matilpi in 1990 and is located in downtown Duncan.


Looking for UFO’s in Texas

Aliens like kippers and sardines? Somewhere in Texas

Down in Texas there seems to be a major effort underway to prove the existence of UFO’s. Everyone from small town individuals to the US Air Force is on the lookout for the unidentified flying objects. The budgets certainly vary quite a bit as can be expected. Take a look at this classic radar dish […]


Beer, Hot Sauce and Coffee

Beers at Granzella's

There’s a small joke in my “extended family” that there are three food groups in my life. These are, beer, hot sauce and coffee. While I’m not sure that I could exist forever on just these products they do tend to provide a healthy amount of my Christmas and birthday presents. Every year when we […]


Boys Will Be Boys – My 4th Annual 50th Birthday Party

Space Ship One takes to the skies... beware!

Another year, another party. In the big scheme of things, this is as good as it gets. The day we aren’t celebrating will be a sad day! Also another photo a day, this time for the 22nd of January. My last birthday report was 2 years ago. You can visit it here. I’m not sure […]


Car Rentals in Spain – Don’t dent the roof!

My New Car, Arcos de la Frontera, Spain

Having spent a few days wandering around Barcelona, Cherie and I boarded a flight to Malaga on a wonderful budget airline, Vueling, and were picked up by the folks at the car rental agency I had contacted a few weeks prior. Not being located at the airport, the cost of renting out little Fiat was […]


Paris 26 Gigapixels – Interactive Virtual Tour

Les Invalides and the Eiffel Tower

After spending too much time looking at the Sevilla 111 Gigapixel image I decided to find out what other huge images of cities had been assembled. It’s an interesting race that’s going on to create the largest image and I keep on finding more as I wander through the internet. The latest largest image is […]


Sevilla 111 Gigapixels

Sevilla 111 Gigapixel

I don’t know about you but I find it quite easy to get lost in online applications such as Google Earth. It isn’t just that these applications are cool, they are also a major part of my workflow in pre-planning a trip as well as in captioning and keywording after the photography is finished. Presently […]


Wooden Boats and make work projects

The beginnings of a modified deck area. Is this crazy or what!

I’ve been a little slow on the blogging the past month with Christmas, New Years and now…. a boat project! Our trusty 50 year old wooden boat has been in need of a major interior overhaul for; 50 years or so! This January I have put it upon myself to do just that. While I […]


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Kevin Oke Photography

Cherie, Lana (Sheltie) and Kevin at Kevin Oke Photography would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays!


The Cowichan book launch photo presentation

I would like to thank all of those that had the opportunity to come to the book launch of The Cowichan: Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Region. Georgina and I had a wonderful time, Volume 1 did an excellent job of book selling and handling the crowds and Fatima at Bistro 161 and her staff put […]


The Cowichan: Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Region – Book Launch

The Cowichan: Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Region