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Glowing Scorpions


Here’s another name that could be really fun for a rock band. The Glowing Scorpions are appearing in Seattle tonight – sounds catchy! On a real life note, I never knew scorpions glowed when held under UV light until I visited the Bug Museum in Victoria. This friendly critter demonstrated glowing for us, pretty cool. […]


I bet you never knew! – Maple Syrup


We spent yesterday afternoon at the British Columbia Forestry Discovery Centre wandering around and taking in the the Sapsuckers. Who exactly are the Sapsuckers? It might sound like a punk band or some alternative living community but these hardy folks produce maple syrup from the Bigleaf Maple, a common tree in the Pacific Northwest. Most of us […]


Boys Will Be Boys – My 2nd Annual 50th Birthday Party

Last Years Cake

Once a year I have a birthday party (I konw this is nothing special as most of us have a yearly birthday), not just a normal party but something a little crazier than one would expect from a bunch of grown up adults. In past years we have always used motorized cars, helicopters and other […]


Photograph Of Jesus by Laurie Hill in association with the Getty Images Short & Sweet Film Challenge


Cowichan Valley Update

Ladysmith Festival of Lights

I’m in the process of finishing a large Cowichan Valley area update. For those not familiar with the Cowichan region, it’s located about one hour north of Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. This area is stunningly beautiful with photogenic farmland, scenic bays and absolutely fabulous food and wine. What more can you ask for. By […]


Geese have the right idea!

Canada Geese heading south

I know most of my blog viewers live in climates that provide for sensable weather during the winter months. My stats tell me this. Well, up in the big Canadian north we have a real winter. I can’t complain as I live in the islands of British Columbia off Vancouver and Victoria but it still […]


Slugs as pets?

Cowichan Valley Slug

I came across this cute little guy a few days ago. Want a pet? No dog license required and the food is free. They also tend to be fairly quiet from my observations. No vet bills, short life. Are you interested? Send me an email and I’ll put a friendly guy in the mail for […]


Lazy Lana

Lazy Lana

Our dog.


Artsy Gal

Artsy gal at the Islands Folk Festival, Duncan, British Columbia

I met this young women at the Islands Folk Festival this year and was very impressed with her level headed approach to life. Not only does she know where she wants to go, she also isn’t afraid to do what she wants. Not bad, I certainly hope she has a great future in modelling or […]


Nos Produits “Sans Viagra Free”

Nos Produits “Sans Viagra Free

What’s in my bag?

This is a question that I’m asked often and it’s a hard one to answer. When I travel I tend to “travel light”, often only carrying one body and 2 lenses plus assorted other paraphernalia. When I have the luxury of travvelling by car or boat I tend to carry more, closer to what I […]


Mona Lisa again

Viewing Mona Lisa

How many photographs of the Mona Lisa does the world really need? When I visited her a couple of months ago it struck me that she must be photographed about 10,000 times each and every day and all of these photographs from a distance of about 6 meters and with a sheet of bullet proof […]


Pimp Your Cow or ….

Pimp your cow

The fall fair season has come and gone on the west coast of Canada. I only photographed one fall fair this year (I really don’t need more fall fair photos, a search of my database brings up over 4,000) and it’s likely the best on southern Vancouver Island, Cobble Hill.  I still enijoy photographing the action […]


Le Phat Hawg

Le Phat Hawg, Georgeville, Quebec

If you’re ever in Georgeville, Quebec and want great lobster rolls and fries stop by Le Phat Hawg. Hey, the place is owned by my brother and sister in law, drop by and say hello. Bring your Harley.


The right place at the wrong time!

North Hatley, Quebec

Have you ever felt that you were in the right place to shoot photographs that you have only dreamed of doing, only to have an airplane flight leaving right before the action actually happens? That’s the case today where I’m sitting in the warm sun on the Vermont and Quebec border surrounded by the early […]


Canadian Zebras

Zebra in South Africa - Equus quagga

Canadian zebras are black with white stripes unlike their African counterpart which are white with black stripes. Do you need proof of this? Take a look at the photos below.


Aerial Art

Chemainus River Estuary, Vancouver Island, BC

I’m spending a number of days this summer doing aerial photography on Vancouver Island. Many of the images are the typical aerial views of the beautiful bays and towns that dot the coastline but I’m also working on a body of work that is slightly more artistic. A few samples are below.


Tubing on the Cowichan River

Cowichan River tubing, Duncan, BC

You can tell that summer has finally arrived in the Cowichan Valley when pickup trucks full of inner tubes start driving in front of my house towards the upper reaches of the Cowichan River. Some day I’ll try and photograph one of these trucks as they should have overwidth load signs attached. I’ve always wondered […]


The view from above

Aerial view of Victoria, British Columbia. The Tall Ships Festival is underway.

I managed to spend a pleasant afternoon doing aerial photography this past weekend. As always, it will likely be a few weeks until the images are online. A few photographs from the collection. Aerial view of the Kinsol Trestle in the Cowichan Valley.


Victoria Tall Ships are coming

Hawaiian Chieftain at Victoria Tall Ships 2008

The tall ships are coming to Victoria this weeknd for what should be an amazing event. I’m planning on spending at least a few days photographing these magnificient vessels and hopefully catching a ride on a few of them. More information is available at Victoria Tall Ships. I’ll be posting photos as soon as possible. […]


France galleries are finally ready!

I’m hoping to add about 900 photographs of France to my web site in the next 3 or 4 days. These images unfortunately have not been completely captioned and keyworded. At the rate I’m going I wouldn’t be able to put the images on my site until late summer if I were to try. Stay […]


France, wine and good food

French girls

In case anyone has noticed my absence from this blog for the past month I have a good excuse; France, wine and food. Don’t feel sorry for me yet as the real work is about to begin. One month into this trip and I have shot approximately 7,000 photos of everything from cathedrals to French girls. […]


53 Chevy Pickup?

53 Chevy Pickup in front of The Garage, Duncan, BC

I came across this classic 53 Chevy the other day while photographing totem poles in Duncan. Is it really a 53? I’m not sure, please let me know if I’m wrong. Anyway, this old truck sure looks great in front of The Duncan Garage. Just as I was ready to press the shutter release the […]


Fishing the Cowichan River

Fishing on the Cowichan River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Looks relaxing. I even saw a kid with a real fish the other day.