Time Lapse Video Images from DSLR’s – Yosemite


I have taken the plunge and ordered a new D800. In my previous post I discussed the need (or lack thereof) for a 36mp camera but after analyzing my camera body situation of a very tired and beat up Nikon D300 as my primary body I decided an upgrade was in order. One aspect of […]


GoPro Hero at Portland International Raceway

1971 Brabham BT21 Formula 2

Last year I bought a GoPro HD Video Camera with the idea of attaching it to helicopters, racing cars, boats and anything else I could think of. While circumstances have not allowed me to use the camera as much as I would have liked I have used it enough to get an appreciation of what […]


5th annual 50th birthday party

Kevin, Lawrence and Tom with Rockets and Beer (rocket fuel)

Another year has come and gone and once again the “rocket guys” got together to celebrate my 50th birthday. With a full compliment of friends joining in it was as usual a night to remember. A full review will be online soon but┬áhere’s a┬áteaser. This year I pulled out my trusty GoPro Hero camera and […]