Vancouver Island Rain Forest

Whether we like it or not, Vancouver Island is a very wet area. While my home on the southeast end of the island isn’t overly wet there is still enough moisture to have beautiful forests with lots of neat plants growing in the understory. This is truly macro photography territory with mushrooms, mosses, ferns and even small critters to photograph. Tomorrow I’ll have a macro photo but today here’s an overview of the lush temperate forest.

Vancouver Island Temperate Rain Forest

Vancouver Island Temperate Rain Forest

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3 Responses to “Vancouver Island Rain Forest”

  1. Lynn Wiles says:

    So beautiful, so green, so lush and not white. Think I might be looking at this a lot.

    kevin Reply:

    The white is very photogenic as well, just wish it would happen in warmer climates. I’ll tease you a little later this month, keep watching!

  2. Lynn Wiles says:

    Will do – now I’m curious.

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