Vancouver Island Temperate Forest Macro

By slowing down we can pause long enough to really look closely at the amazing world around us. This is one of the joys of macro photography, poking around and discovering new plants and animals that most people don’t even notice.

This particular photograph has an amazing collection of mosses, literally a miniature garden growing on a fallen tree. I’m certainly no expert on the identification of mosses (I have a book but get somewhat lost) but there must be at least 5 different varieties in this photo.

Vancouver Island Mosses

Vancouver Island Mosses

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2 Responses to “Vancouver Island Temperate Forest Macro”

  1. Lynn Wiles says:

    Beautiful moss. What I like about macros is their lack of scale, it could be an interesting landscape with unusual trees.

    kevin Reply:

    I’ve always thought that Disney and others get their inspiration from this sort of imagery. Look at close ups of small bugs!

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