Vietnam Pots

A recent theme on this blog has involved travel to warm climates or the thought of it anyways. The days are becoming short and very gloomy in British Columbia so it always feels good to revisit old photos. I just spent some time going through the photographs I shot in 2006 in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. It’s interesting to look at these images at a later date and reevaluate what photographs are worth fine tuning in Photoshop. I tend to grab more of the personal images on the second time through, maybe not the best artistic photos but quite often a more personal experience. As a set I find these images can really strengthen a story although they might not stand on their own for magazine covers or posters.

Mekong Delta Pots

Mekong Delta Pots

Have you wondered where all the Vietnam pots are coming from?

Drinking with the guys in Vietnam

Drinking with the Guys in the Mekong Delta.

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