Walks with Hawks: a piece of nature in Cheltenham

Birds are among the most difficult creatures to take pictures of. Not only do they hang out at really high places but they immediately flee when they sense humans are nearby.

Thankfully, there’s a place in Cheltenham that offers educational birds tours. “Walks with Hawks” is a Cheltenham-based haven for nature lovers that allows guests to interact with some of the most amazing birds of prey. Cameras are allowed inside the premises so photographers can take lots of great pictures to their heart’s content.
Within the location, guests can encounter not only hawks but owls as well. The management allows guests to handle and fly the birds so people can take close up shots of the majestic creatures. The place is located in a stunning rural setting but the management can take the birds to a different location upon the request of guests. This setup is perfect for photographers who want to take pictures of the birds using a different backdrop.

Cheltenham is widely known for its horse racing festival, with hundreds of thousands of people going to the town annually just to attend races like, The Gold Cup. However, thanks to tours like Walks with Hawks and the city’s many punting tours, the city gets recognition for more than just the aforementioned Gold Cup. If you want stunning pictures of two of the most amazing birds of prey, you should definitely visit Walks with Hawks.

walks-with-hawksThere are three types of tours that you can get here: The Hunting Trip, Hawk Walks, and Owl Encounters.

The Hunting Trip allows guests to experience watching bird predators feed. This isn’t some sort of a sick tour where guests applaud whenever an animal gets devoured. The tour’s intention is to show guests what nature has intended for these birds of prey to do. If you want to capture images of birds showing off their remarkable hunting abilities, this tour is for you.

Walk with Hawks, on the other hand, is an introduction to the Ancient Art of Falconry. The hawks in the field will soar over the guests as they walk through the countryside. Whenever a guest’s hand is raised, a hawk will glide and land exactly on his or her arm. This tour is the best way for photographers to capture photos of hawks at a close range.

walks-with-hawks-2Owl Encounters is a tour for those who want to fly different types of owls and learn about their behavior and habitat. They’re truly majestic features that love the camera so much they don’t move when they’re photos are being taken.

If you want to visit Walk with Hawks, you can make a reservation here.

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