You only turn 50 once

Cowichan rocket launcing

Cowichan rocket launcing

A funny thing about life is that you only have one 50th birthday party. I suppose this makes a lot of sense but one has to really make the celebration worthwhile in terms of having a good time and accumulating as many gifts as possible. Why else should one celebrate.

For good or bad I celebrated my 50th birthday a few days ago. My birthday has a little tradition that was carried through this year; number 50 was the year of the rocket. To everyones delight we managed to only threaten sending rockets down the hallway and actually behaved and did all the pyro stuff outdoor.

Four rockets and a few too many beers, great stuff. The afternoon saw a high tech marvel as well, a Skype call with Graham and Margaret in the Isla of Mann. Technology is amazing.

Anyway, the food and company were great (you might notice that this is common on the blog), no houses burned down although a few rockets are somewhere in the next county and the usual cake crunching courtesy of Tom took place.

Photos below, more to come in the future.

Estes Rocket Women

Estes Rocket Women

Cowichan Rocket Man

Rocket Man

attack of the killer cake

The cake gets attacked by alien vehicles

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